A sad story, about books.

Looking for Alaska

Earlier today I went to the bookstore to start my Christmas shopping for friend’s and family, because ya know that’s how I roll. I went to buy my roommate (@pandainthetardis) a copy of Looking for Alaska by @fishingboatproceeds a.k.a John Green because she is starting to get into his books since she read my copy of TFiOS earlier this semester.

So, I got home and was preparing to wrap it and give it to her because my excitement about giving books as gifts can very rarely be contained. So without inspecting it (at home or the store before I bought it), I proceeded to wrap the gift merrily and handed it to her to open because I won’t see her for a month after next week. I handed the newly wrapped book and watched her open it, and only when she opened it did I see the ugliness that had been done to this wonderful book. Someone had somehow ripped out everything from page 95-119 in the book, leaving only a fourth of all of the pages  cut intact.

Who does this to books? Especially to those of an amazing author such as Mr. Green!?

So, what have we all learned from this?

1. To check all of your books before you buy them at bookstores.

2. Don’t be the douche that rips out important pages out of important pieces of literature


2 thoughts on “A sad story, about books.

  1. I loved this book. so good, so powerful, so amazing. I really want to read John Green’s other books but they’re pretty hard to find here. anyway, what a nice gift it is (let’s forget the fact that some pages were missing).

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