Mental Health on college campuses

Mental Illness, it’s becoming a very hot topic as of late. It’s everywhere and the media has only helped to perpetuate the stigma and has also helped to glamorize the important issue at hand.

As a college student and a survivor of multiple setbacks of my health,  mental health has always been a worrisome topic for me, especially because I currently live on a college campus and I see people that may be suffering it’s debilitating effects. Depression, OCD, anxiety disorders, and stress are all major problems that college students (such as myself) are faced with during those crazy college years.

Even though I’m only a sophomore in college I have seen both sides of the spectrum. During my first semester of freshmen year I was placed by the office of Residential Life in a room with a fellow student who was a year ahead of me. Little did I know that this girl was the victim of a mental illness that she had yet to get diagnosed and treated. As the semester continued and I learned more about her I tried my best to help her but I also didn’t feel qualified to do very much for her other than just be there when I could and listen to her when she needed to talk. Unfortunately, for other college students, their roommates aren’t so welcoming to always talking to their roommates about their problems because they aren’t friends with them, or they just aren’t interested at all.

Most college and university campuses offer free or low cost counseling services to the students, and if the on-site counselors can’t completely help students then they will refer the students to the closest available hospital or therapist that could help the student out more than what was offered on campus.

So to my fellow college students, if you are worried that you may have a mental illness, please go and find out if your campus has a counseling center that can help you to feel better and to find out what may be wrong with you.

Later this semester I’m going to be writing an article about mental illnesses and how it’s affecting the women that live on college campuses and how the subject of mental illness needs to be a less taboo issue in this day and age, and I plan on posting all of my freelance articles from my school’s paper as soon as I get them written and edited because right now my laptop is dead and I have yet to buy a new one.

Helpful links for college students about mental health:

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