How to not be bitter on the Hallmarkiest day of the year; The Post V-Day edition

In case you missed it, yesterday was Valentine’s Day/Singles’ Awareness Day and  while I celebrated the latter while wishing all of my friend’s in relationships a great VDay. My overall goal was to not be a bitter, broke, SWF and I think that I accomplished that quite well. This is probably because I had 12+ hours of sleep the night before and I was covering shifts for two people that had plans for the day and only one class.

In an effort to keep myself busy and from drowning in a sea of hues of red and pink I made sure that I hardly sat down. For lunch I had the experience of shotgunning a bowl of Lucky Charms for the first time, and that is not something that I would recommend someone does.

All day yesterday I practiced being as kind as I could to anyone and everyone. I personally think that I did a good job, because once I was told that I made someone’s jaw drop, that wasn’t expected. Then as I was heavily procrastinating doing my laundry and showering by sitting in the lobby of my residence hall being serenaded by the soulful song bird’s of my schools acapella group a friend of mine walked up behind me and put a box of chocolates and a single red rose in my lap and then proceeded to disappear into the ether of the room.

Basically my mantra, but Hannah from Girls said it best

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day, whether you are taken or not.


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