Inside every modern woman there is a ‘Golden Girl’

What do the now infamous women of  Sex and the City and Golden Girls have in common? A lot more then you’d think, actually.

Samantha and Blanche both share a vivacious libido, Miranda and Dorothy are the wise old birds of the crew and Rose and Charlotte and the sweet, naive, WASP-y type

(courtesy of Google Images)

(Google Images)

s of the group, and then there is Carrie Bradshaw, the woman’s woman. Every woman wants to be her and every man wants to date her, as the star of the show and the brain child of Candace Bushnell it just seems right that she and Sophia are alike. Comedic timing and  smart on point one-liners are what these brainy beauties are best known for and will go down in television history for. So props to them.

Inside every modern woman there is a Golden Girl, if you wrapped up every personality trait of every woman then you would have a very complicated girl, but she would also be the perfect one if you think about it. If we all had the sexual tenacity of Samantha and the smarts of Rose rolled into one person, there probably wouldn’t be a lot of men that complain out there, or they may just complain more.  It’s hard to tell as this point.

Pardon the rustiness everyone, I just now got my laptop back and I had this post planned out for awhile, but now it just kind of feels D.O.A. I hope I can fix this execution thing as the week goes on.


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