On being a late-bloomer and how college toughened my skin.

College has changed me.

I mean, I saw it coming and was very well prepared to experience everything that comes with the experience when I applied two years ago. But now that I’m on the cusp of the end of my sophomore year I am becoming more and more aware of the toughness of my own skin.

In late 2010 early 2011, I was your run of the mill twenty one year old that had just finished getting chemotherapy treatment and was on the road to a complete recovery from my cancer. Being a cancer patient doesn’t really allow one to have much of a social life because of the persistent nausea and  chemo side effects. So to say the least I didn’t get out all the much when I was sick and the cancer itself scared some of my friend’s away.

Growing up I was never really a big talker. I’ve always been the wallflower that sits on the sides and watches everyone else do their own thing and then I would eventually get into the mix. But being in college and especially living on campus, you are almost forced to interact with people, even the ones that you will probably dislike so much that you will want to mentally punch them in the throat every time they are around. These people will help you grow as a person and you may need them in the future so don’t burn  those bridges.

Last year I had an “aha” moment of sorts. After I broke up with my boyfriend I decided that I would no longer deal with drama in life, because at the time people were pointing fingers and speculating about things that they had no business worrying about. So I cut them out of my life completely. Their once comical Facebook posts became something that I was okay with no longer reading on a regular basis. By doing these things and avoiding them I probably made myself out to be a terrible person and a bitch, but I have always tried to surround myself with people that will support me and that I can support too and not people that try to leech off of me and bring me down. Negativity is not the way, yo.

With two years left in my college career I’m beginning to have a deep love/hate relationship with some aspects of my school, but for the most part I really do love my school and the program that I’m in. As long as the next two years go by at a steady pace and I can get my two year plan to come to fruition as well as move out of Missouri with a job that I hopefully love then things will be okay.


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