Why I hate summer vacation: BEDA day 1

In the real world you don’t get summer vacations.


Once you’re an adult summer becomes a lost concept. Unless you have school aged chldren that get a summer break at the end of the school year, or you have younger siblings. Most of my friend’s are already planning big expensive trips to fabulous destinations for summer break and then there’s me. I will be spending the first eight weeks in a classroom getting my Biology and one of my math credits out of the way because I’m chomping at the bit to be finished with all of my gen eds and conquer my major classes. The rest of my summer break will be spent working part-time and hanging out with my family.

Yes, I am boring. But I’m also a poor college student that doesn’t have the means necessary to save up for an awesome trip, yet. Plus my future looks brighter everyday because I want to get out of Missouri like it’s nobody’s business. I actually have found my dream job, working for the Public Relations department of The Penguin Group in New York City. Of course, they already have the job that I want to be, but first I need to graduate and have those credentials as well as two more years of experience. But one day I will be where I want to be.

One of the major reasons that I’m not the biggest fan of summer vacations, at least while I’m in school is not because I’m a stick in the mud. It’s just more of I’m a fiend for knowledge, and I like to be busy a good portion of the time. Disclaimer: this does not mean that I like to run myself into the ground, but I will if I have to to get the work done.  So I guess that the lesson to everyone in this is to work hard while you can so that later you can enjoy things like vacations that you can enjoy.


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