BEDA day 6: A letter to my present self.

Dear self,

Right now you may be  having a bit of a hard time with things, The encroachment of summer vacation was never your favorite thing. Especially since you’re currently so close to getting your degree and some days you just want to be done with it and others you are scared shitless of the future, and that’s okay.

Here’s some good news though, you’re a 23 year old that at least knows exactly what she wants out of life and for the most part knows how to get it.  Granted there are some things that are going to be easier than others to get, but all good things take time and patience, as you know. The other day you watched this video and your life got about ten times better, because this is basically what you want to do with your life.

Aside from some of the shitty things that aren’t in  your control right now you are a ridiculously hopeful individual. Your head is in the right place and you have the gall and the stubborness to get everything out of this life that you want. So, keep up the good work and always keep your goals in mind because they’re damn good ones.

Finally, when it comes to guys and seeing all of your friend’s getting engaged and announcing their pregnancies on every social media website that you frequent, Be happy for them and show support to them and their happiness, your time will come. It will probably be after you graduate and get the hell out of Misery, but you will NOT become a “crazy cat lady”.

Best wishes!


2 thoughts on “BEDA day 6: A letter to my present self.

  1. I could really relate to that. Based on the little time I know you I feel like you’ll go far in life though and that it will get better for you soon 🙂 Best of luck with that.

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