BEDA day 8: On Metaphorical Masonry

I build walls. They are made of iron and brick and they’re very, very high.

In light of recent events those walls have been emotionally compromised and I’m shrouded in darkness. Which is a place that I don’t like to be because I’m what some would call nosy, I prefer the term intuitive.

I’ve tried to narrow down who this possible secret admirer may be, but on a campus of over 6,000 students that’s not  exactly a simple task.

Last night this post was posted on my school’s confessions Facebook page and it took me by complete surprise. I was in shock for about 14 hours.

Nicole; you are intelligent, funny, and a beautiful person inside and out. I know you always say you’re not ready to date anyone for a while but I can see all the time that you need someone to wrap their arms around you and fill you full of warmth and it kills me that I can’t be that guy for you. If that day never comes I hope that we can at least be very good friends. I know that someday you’re going to make one very lucky guy very very happy.
All that I can gather from this eloquently put post is that;
  • I obviously know them, but not that well.
  • they are super attentive and my expressive eyes are both a blessing and a curse.

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. Hopefully this stranger will make themselves known to me before school gets out for summer vacation. Which is in a month and a half.  I’ll provide updates as they become available.

I’m scared to even consider dating again. That’s one of the main reasons why I admire the ones that I like from afar. It’s much easier that way for both parties.


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