BEDA day 16: A note on unwanted male attention

“It’s frightening sometimes. Giving you attention is one thing, but giving you the “bad girl feeling” is another. We have a sixth sense, it’s true.” – Misty Ballew

(courtesy of Google images)

(courtesy of Google images)

A college campus is a hotbed of young men and women looking for romantic relationships, and it is also a place for women to feel very vulnerable and to be in the cross hairs of unwarranted and unwanted male attention.

I’ve never really had any issues with unwanted male attention since I’ve been at school, until the other day when I posted a simple Facebook status after receiving a text message from a guy friend of mine asking to study with me (even though I have more writing than studying to do at the moment) even though I had literally just seen him earlier that day and we had had the same discussion.  I will be honest the post that I wrote wasn’t the nicest, but it was the most direct. It said, “The creepers are out in full force tonight, and I’m not talking about the ones in Minecraft either. Those are almost my preferred creepers at this point.” Much to my *surprise* one of said creepers “liked” the status. Should I really be surprised? He likes everything that I post on Facebook, so no. I realize how conceited that sounds, but it’s the truth. Said person also likes to send me text messages asking me to give him back massages, and I’m sorry, but no.

All I want to do on most nights after work is to sit in my room in my underwear, watching episodes of Downton Abbey on Hulu, and/or reading,  and eating junk and not being judged for it. Not fending off the creepers. (I mean I’m good at it, I’ve had practice, but this shouldn’t be a skill that women should have to develop.)

There’s a ridiculously fine line between giving a girl attention and giving a girl the heebeegeebees. The Lonely Island even wrote a damn song about it.


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