Being a Hopeful Twenty-Something in a World of Hopelessness

“A few years ago, I graduated college, diploma in one hand, margarita in the other, completely oblivious to the shit storm that was coming my way. Here’s a preview: becoming a living, breathing,
job-having, bill-paying, responsible adult? Really fucking difficult.”
― Alida NugentDon’t Worry, It Gets Worse: One Twentysomething’s (Mostly Failed) Attempts at Adulthoo

Sometimes you find a book that you just know you are going to enjoy and relate to on a ridiculous level before you open it. Then you start reading it and you start to feel like the writer is your best friend and even a bit of a confidant because you devour every page.

Alida Nugent, author of Don’t Worry It Gets Worse and of the blog The Frenemy, is the friend you wish you had and the girl you want to be in your twenty’s.

I procured this book on a whim at Barnes & Noble two weeks before my twenty-fourth birthday and I proceeded to carry it around with me in my ratty purse for the next month casually whipping it out to show my friend’s whenever we were out for coffee or dinner.  I know, real classy, right?

As I was reading the book I couldn’t help but want to highlight giant chunks of it because Alida’s writing is en point with a lot of the things that I, as a struggling twenty something, is going through on a regular basis. One of my favorite quotes refers to our generation as being the stupid hopeful generation that stubbornly claws at the “unattainable”, but we still keep pushing on.

“We’re romantic. We’re hopeful. We’re done for. The worst part of this all? The idea of struggle and compromise seems exciting to us-that’s how stupid we are. There’s no stopping fools, I say. We’re still kids at heart. Those dreams are still there. Now we just have to go chase them.”
― Alida NugentDon’t Worry, It Gets Worse: One Twentysomething’s (Mostly Failed) Attempts at Adulthood

I think that the reasons why that I found this book so darn relatable because; well we’re both bloggers, she’s gone through everything with school that I’m going through now and we both know that in the end all of the struggle that we are currently going through in our twenty’s isn’t for nothing.

So, if you’re looking for a quick dirty read I highly recommend ‘Don’t Worry It Gets Worse‘.


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