Why I Hate Shows like ‘House Hunters’ but love HGTV

Earlier this afternoon I went on an HGTV binge and the show ‘My First Place’ came on & I had a mild panic attack. Why the panic attack you ask?  Well, I have an answer for you. My answer is that I’m almost 25 years old and not even close to graduating college and I’m putting myself in to a nice amount of debt now & I’m expected to find a house and have most of my life planned out past next few months? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, SOCIETY!!

As much as I love HGTV & the wonderful shows that they have on there ‘My First Place’ is one of the scariest shows that I’ve seen. There’s SO MUCH that you have to take into account before buying a house and good grief is it intimidating and obnoxiously expensive. While I was watching the show I indulged in some peach rings to balance out the whole situation. Ya know, watch a serious show that is directed at adults with money (which I am not) and eat gummy candy (that is clearly for children).

Yes, my life is more or less planned out (at least for the next four months) but after graduation I have no problem paying rent on an apartment in the city or something because I’ll already be under a mini-mountain of student loan debt. So obviously, paying a 1,000 + mortgage is NOT in any way shape or form.  One day I would like to own my own house or apartment but I am more than well aware that that just isn’t in the cards for a very long time.

At this point in my life I’m just excited to look at home decoration stores and brainstorm ideas of what to do with my future home and thankfully HGTV is good for that. So thanks, HGTV for making me both excited and even more terrified to grow up.


3 thoughts on “Why I Hate Shows like ‘House Hunters’ but love HGTV

  1. Those shows are set up from start to finish. In most cases the houses they choose are already in escrow and the people are just pretending to be checking out different options, not to mention producers are right on set prompting senerios and reactions. I guess basically I’m saying there’s no need to be intimidated by something that’s artificial.

  2. I totally get this. I, too, am in college and I actually am hunting for my first house right now. However, it’s been a long time coming and I’ll be 30 next year. My accruing student loan debt is not the only debt my hubby and I have right now, but we have a ton less than last year and we’ve learned a lot of valuable money management lessons. Buying a house is like having kids, if you wait until you’re “ready”, you’ll never be ready. But don’t get me wrong, make sure you can afford it first and take your time. Although it’s not as permanent as a tat, it’s still possible to have buyer’s remorse.

    And I live on HGTV; how have I never heard of this show?!?!?!

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