That Cliche Introspective Back-to-School Post

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 4.16.35 PMThis video is both scary and smart in all of it’s truthiness regarding higher education and it’s ridiculous costs. Especially since this semester my finances have taken a significant shot to the face and the school year hasn’t even started yet.

A small part of me is really nervous about  this coming semester because of my class load, my sudden loss of some hours at work and the fact that I am not “rolling in the dough”  in any remote sense of the word and it is both humanizing and mildly humiliating, but I’ve continued to surround myself with friend’s , family and academic resources that can help me to make it through this tolling semester with ease and some clarity.

This year I’m going to attempt to make my education my “boyfriend” again like I had originally had planned for my first year (which was two and a half years ago) until I met someone who later became my boyfriend and it all blew up in my face at the end of the year because  I put too much pressure on myself to spin all of the plates while he did nothing. But this post isn’t about him.

So, today was the first day and even though I’ve only had two out of my five classes they were pretty bearable despite how much I was worried about them being excruitiatingly bad. Remember when you are going in to take your drivers license test (or any test really) & you’re psyching yourself up for it so much worrying that you’re going to mess up everything and then you get into the test and you find out that you pass it? Well, that’s kind of how I feel like this semeter is going to go for me. Which is a great thing because I tend to put more pressure on myself than is really necessary and then it bogs me down and shit happens and it never ends well. So right now I’m going to vow to not let myself get bogged down with all of the useless crap that surrounds me and to not put more than a necessary amount of pressure on myself to succeed this year because eventuallly things will work themselves out.

With that I will end this rambling post and start doing my homework.

Have a wonderful year everyone (whether you’re in school or working your big kid job already)


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