Feelin’ the Burn

Based on the title you probably thought that this post was going to be about catching an STD or working out and I’m sorry to disappoint you but it’s only about one of those things, kind of.

With the first two weeks of this academic year almost behind me I’d be lying  through my teeth if I told you that I wasn’t stressed out yet. I’m the silly putty that can no longer be stretched, the taffy that is pulled as thin as a wire, the rubber band that can has lost it’s elasticity. I think you get the point.

Image (an approximate picture of how much coffee I’ve ingested so far)

This year I promised myself that I was going to start taking a more proactive approach to my physical fitness. I even dug out my yoga mat and dvd for crying out loud! Yet, I still have yet to actually use it because my schedule is crazy and I haven’t had a second to manage my time properly. So that’s one issue that I will be working on this year for sure.

I digress. So far this semester where I have missed feeling the burn through physical exercise I have been feeling it in my fingertips. I’ve made up for all of that by sacrificing my fingerprints to the coffee gods instead. Yes, I am the sterotypical college student that ingests more coffee than water and still doesn’t ever feel entirely awake. Woe is me. My fingertips have also been in pain because taking notes for five classes is a workout in and of itself.

As the year progresses my major goals are to pass my classes (obviously), start eating better and to start doing more positive things like not drinking as much coffee as I do right now but we’ll see how that goes and to start working out.  So, at least they’re attainable?


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