Seeking Stability in the house of a Single Parent

I’ve been the product of a single parent household for most of my life. 

My parents were never married when they had me and according to society’s standards I am considered a “bastard child” but I say otherwise. 

When I was born I had a hole in my heart that threatened to kill me if I wasn’t operated on abruptly.  Without even blinking an eye my parents came together and made the decision for me to have the expensive yet life-saving surgery because their love for me meant more than anything that they had experienced before. 


  After my first surgery I had four more sporadically up until the age of 14. During the years in between my first and fifth surgery I lived at both of my parent’s houses throughout the years. My dad was a bachelor with a good job as a cement contractor that he soon turned into his own business and a daughter. My mom was a single mother that had put her own dreams on hold to care for perpetually hospitalized ass. 

Fast forward to early 2007-08 and my mom and dad are happily married to two very different and wonderful people. My mom, to a cement contractor with his own business. My two little brother’s have already been born by this point and they are loved immensely. My dad married a wonderful family friend that used to live near his old neighborhood. She had already had six children of her own from a previous marriage and lived in a beautiful house that we soon moved into. Shortly after my other little brother was born and my dad set out to build his dream house in Smalltown, Kansas. Which he did and my step siblings, stepmom, my dad and I lived in our modest house on a buffalo ranch and things were great for us. Until they weren’t. 

After five years of living in Smalltown, Kansas my stepmom passed away unexpectedly and my stepsisters and I fled to live with our respective mother’s, mine, and father’s, theirs. 

When my dad, who was basically my rock, passed away in 2010 and I decided to go back to school I haven’t really had a lot of stability and neither have my two little brother’s and my mom. 

What I wouldn’t give to have stability in my life again that isn’t fleeting. 


I know that once I graduate school I’ll probably get some back, but for right now it’s just not happening very much.


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