(Re)-Connecting the Dots

Today I was a lady that brunched. 


I woke up to a text message from a friend of mine that up until about three months ago I hadn’t talked to or seen in about two years asking if I wanted to meet up with her for coffee and brunch. For about five years she and I used to be the closest of friends. 

Then I got diagnosed with cancer and she got a boyfriend and our friendship slowly started to deteriorate due to our changing lives. Sure, I saw her every now and then when I wasn’t in treatment and she wasn’t with her boyfriend that she is now married to, but it wasn’t like it used to be when we went to community college for a year and then lived together for another year. 

Until today when I saw her for the first time in two years and I realized that even though our lives have significantly changed our friendship still had the ability to pick up almost right where it left off.

It was magnificent!

Most of my previous thoughts about how my married friends avoided us single folks because we make them remember that they can’t go do some of the activites that single people do anymore were actually proven wrong. In our conversation we were careful to stay off of the topic of romantic relationships and marriage as to not make each other uncomfortable or anything. 

As the day continued we went to one of our favorite stores and just walked and talked just like we used to all those wonderful years ago. 

As I was driving to the coffeehouse to meet my friend I listened to this song because even though I wasn’t trying to be pessimestic about the whole thing, I was just trying to think realisticly about it all because it had been so long since we had seen each other. 

To say the least reconnection with lost friends is actually the best thing ever. 




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