To The Next Person Who Falls In Love With Me

Wow..I can’t begin to count the ways that I love this.

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To the next person who falls in love with me:


Do not fall in love with a girl who has no idea how to be loved.

I’ve been loved unconditionally by two different men. The first, my father, though not by choice, left me. His absence cast shadows over my heart that blocked even the brightest light from shining through. I clung to memories of spontaneous adventures by the bay, sandwiches with the crust cut-off, and reading comic books together. He tried so desperately to stay, to continue to love me with every fiber of his being. He fought so hard to be there, to watch me grow. He fought until his body disintegrated. His heart was so full of me, that it stopped beating. And with that, I lost the first man I ever loved and who loved me back completely.

The second man to love me…

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