On Wanderlust..

A few days ago I posted a status on Facebook posing a very simple question, “When are you at your most happiest?” The responses began to pour in shortly after and some of them were fairly predictable becaScreen Shot 2014-09-08 at 1.04.00 AMuse I’d like to think that I know my friend’s pretty well.

When I initially thought of the question I hadn’t given it a second thought to even answer the question myself. That is until I went to a meeting with my advisor and we briefly discussed our Study Abroad trip to Europe that we went on last May and he brought up how he had noticed how calm I had been throughout the whole trip. That’s when it hit me, I had found my answer to my own question.

I noticed that on my travels my anxiety that usually held me back actually seemed to disappear. I don’t know why or even how, but for some reason getting on my first plane(s) made any and all stress that I may have had previously dissolved. Kind of like the clouds when you get up close to them in an airplane. Even while we were in foreign cities where we couldn’t even read the street signs and had to rely on our wits and minimal wifi coverage to get back to our hotel I seemed to flourish.  Yes, I was still a little nervous and scared, but I wasn’t overcome with crushing anxiety that would have left me in the fetal position in the middle of the sidewalk while passerby looked on in bewilderment.  

Even when I traveled alone to Chicago to stay with a friend last year I was still cool under pressure. So, I guess that I would call that one of my strengths.  I even took a train from one end of town to the other (at night) on my own and made it back to my friend’s house in one piece. So yes, I’m pretty damn fearless these days. 


It’s become apparant to me that I am at my most happiest when I am traveling.


After a quarter of a century in the same place things start to get a little stale, and I’ve noticed that this has unfortunately been happening a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and my fiends, but there’s something inside of me that is practically scratching at my insides to get out. I think that that thing may just be a mix of my wanderlust and need to be somewhere different for awhile.

This summer before I came back to school I got to go to a family cabin in the mountains of Colorado with a bunch of my family members that I don’t see that often. While I was there it was the most relaxing and stress free week of my life. Well, my trip to Europe in May was too, but I wasn’t there that long. I only got to taste crumbs of each place we went to, which is why I’m going back after I graduate college for a vacation/to look for jobs. When I was in Colorado my family and I just relaxed, I mean there was a palpable feeling of relaxation in the air. It could also be from the high altitude or the copious amounts of alcohol that we were all drinking, but either way it was fantastic.

That being said, I need to travel somewhere again. My luggage is starting to look a little lonely in it’s corner.


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