What a week, amirite?

It’s been a little hard to write this past week, for many obvious reasons, but here I am.

…and I still have nothing.

I officially fail at BEDA.


BEDA day 5: Downton Abbey

So, I’ve started watching Downton Abbey on Hulu and it’s pretty amazing. I’m on Season 2 and it’s starting to coincide with the things that I’m learning in my History class, but from the European side of things.I’ve always had a weird fascination with the British and their history. Typical American thing? Probably.


I don’t have a lot to say today guys. I’m stressed out to the max right now and my computer¬† keeps trying to die and it’s irritating me. So until tomorrow, have a wonderful night everyone!


Five things that don’t suck: BEDA day 4

  • The video for “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons
  • The new trailer for The Great Gatsby. Cue ALL of the emotions!!
  • Passing my Communication classes & being invited to take a 400 level class next year (that’s an elective for my major)
  • Coffee
  • My very own Facebook page for TAToS! It’s currently under some construction, but the framing is all there and it will be getting updated regularly.