Why I Hate Shows like ‘House Hunters’ but love HGTV

Earlier this afternoon I went on an HGTV binge and the show ‘My First Place’ came on & I had a mild panic attack. Why the panic attack you ask?  Well, I have an answer for you. My answer is that I’m almost 25 years old and not even close to graduating college and I’m putting myself in to a nice amount of debt now & I’m expected to find a house and have most of my life planned out past next few months? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, SOCIETY!!

As much as I love HGTV & the wonderful shows that they have on there ‘My First Place’ is one of the scariest shows that I’ve seen. There’s SO MUCH that you have to take into account before buying a house and good grief is it intimidating and obnoxiously expensive. While I was watching the show I indulged in some peach rings to balance out the whole situation. Ya know, watch a serious show that is directed at adults with money (which I am not) and eat gummy candy (that is clearly for children).

Yes, my life is more or less planned out (at least for the next four months) but after graduation I have no problem paying rent on an apartment in the city or something because I’ll already be under a mini-mountain of student loan debt. So obviously, paying a 1,000 + mortgage is NOT in any way shape or form.  One day I would like to own my own house or apartment but I am more than well aware that that just isn’t in the cards for a very long time.

At this point in my life I’m just excited to look at home decoration stores and brainstorm ideas of what to do with my future home and thankfully HGTV is good for that. So thanks, HGTV for making me both excited and even more terrified to grow up.


Running out of my own skin and other concerns of a college student.

So I’m new here. Not to the blogosphere, just to the amazing world that is Word Press.  I guess without further ado that I should just get this train a moving.

I’m a college student, a sophomore and a Public Relations major and right now all of my friend’s from high school are either pregnant, have already squeezed out a kid or two, or are engaged. These factors make up that which is the Great Divide that makes me only keep them on Facebook to creep on them all. Than there’s me. the 23 year old that is just now “getting her life together”. I beg to differ though. I like to look at this time of my life as though I’m on a very expensive 4-year vacation from the real world, and when I get back out there I’ll be successful and happier than I previously was before coming back to school.

With graduation semi quickly approaching for me I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about where I hope my degree will take me. I’ve decided that I really do not want to stay in Missouri after graduation. I’ve lived here all of my life. I’m young and I need to see something new. Plus, the dating pool is getting a little shallow in these parts. So, I want to go to the East Coast, or maybe just for shits and giggles, Colorado since a lot of my family lives there.

Half of me is ready to graduate and it literally feels like a major mass of my body is pushing against the shell of me and is struggling to get out, or is possibly already in another time and space. It’s ready to succeed and is ready to suck the marrow out of whatever my future has in store for me.  However, the other half of me is okay with where I am and is just trying to enjoy the ride, because before I know it I’ll be done with school and I will either succeed wholly or fall flat on my face in a pool of failure and be perpetually in the fetal position until things work themselves out.

Here’s to hoping that it’s the latter.