“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” -Stephen King

Last week I got paid and I obviously decided to buy myself three new books, because ya know, they are the best things in the world and apparently how I help to heal myself when I’m feeling down-  (see them below) 

Tonight I am doing something that I haven’t done in forever, catching up on my favorite book vlogger videos/publishing company mavens that I admire oh so much; @papertimelady & @booksandquills. Earlier today I came to a sad realization while trying to get myself caught back up with my classes and that’s that I may not get to re-


ad books for pleasure for a long time, or at the very least until I graduate from college and find a stable job. That’s at least three years of not being able to read for pleasure for an uncomfortable amount of time that I’m not really okay with. Mainly because reading is my perfect escape method when life starts to throw me too many curveballs. So far I’ve only read about 10 pages in all of them because my brain has been a little scattered lately and I can’t pick a genre to save my life, but thankfully Fall break is coming up and I’m going to catch up on my sleeping, reading, any homework I may have a watching Ted Talks because those things are the best things ever, seriously. 

Tonight while adding to my ever-expanding list of “Books to Read” on Goodreads.com I decided to randomly click the covers tab to show my Read books and whoa was my night made a little bit better, because what’s better than a beautiful a

nd tangible bookshelf than a beautiful virtual bookshelf? Nothing. 

I really, really, really hope that I can get a job in the publishing industry after I graduate. I am well aware of how hard it will be to find 


one/once I get one but until then at least I have passion and drive for something that is as Stephen King said so eloquently,”…a uniquely portable magic.”




Heaven is a place on Earth

My love affair with the printed word hit a new high last week when I checked out a random, yet semi-life changing, book from the local library. 

ImageThe book, My Bookstore, was staring down at me from a higher shelf and something inside of me told me to just check it out. A week later I was finished and sobbing as I closed the final pages. My Bookstore is a tome of twenty six essays from various semi well known and very well known authors in the publishing world writing about their favorite independent bookstore.  Not only was the book very well written, it was also very relatable because everyone should have a favorite bookstore somewhere. Whether it’s big box or independent the point of the book was books and reading. Some of the essays in the book range from love letters to the store owners to anecdotes that make you want to drop everything you’re doing at that moment and go to the store in question and buy up the whole lot. 

Since I’m a broke college student my imagination went into overdrive for this book because if one has imagination will travel. 

So, if you are a hankering for a good book and an experience of sorts, this is your book!

I automatically give it a 5/5 because it transports the reader to some amazing places and you don’t even have to move from your seat to go there! 

Literature Love and libraries with a side of crazy

noun, plural li·brar·ies.

1.a place set apart to contain books, periodicals, and other material for reading, viewing, listening, study, or reference, as a room, set of rooms, or building where books may be read or borrowed.
2.a public body organizing and maintaining such an establishment.
3.a collection of manuscripts, publications, and other materials for reading, viewing, listening, study, or reference.
4.a collection of any materials for study and enjoyment, as films, musical recordings, or maps.
I’ve always been a big fan of libraries, whether they are big or small, I’ll find something to love about it. I’m even working on creating my own one day in my house. Granted that’s kind of far off but the intent to follow through with it is definitely there. But I digress.
My university is lacking something in it’s library, and that my friend’s is fiction. Our fiction section is made up of three to four small “book trees” containing contemporary novels and if it’s classic literature you’re looking for, well that’s spread throughout the stacks on the second level. I don’t mind searching for a good book as much as the next person, and I don’t know if my school’s library system is just set up to make weirdos like me complain about not having literature by more literature, or what. But I’m here and I’m doing it. So, sorry.
I do realize that my school could like not have a library and that that would suck, and that I should be grateful for what we do have, and I am grateful. I just want to know the logic in it all I guess. Why not just move all of the shelves that the classics etc. are on downstairs and take a shelf of journals upstairs to be amongst the rest of them. (How crazy do I sound right now, honestly?)
I partially blame my denial of the end of the semester happening and how much I don’t want to go home yet for this and also the fact that I’m stressed out.
End rant.