“Dare to expand your horizons.”

Charlie Stewart: “My parents say my future is right on the horizon.”

Connie Baker: “Tell them the horizon is an imaginary line that recedes as you approach it.” – Mona Lisa Smile


For the first time in my life my spending habits over the past month have revolved around nothing but traveling expenses.

This was not an accident. In fact, it was the most blissful I’ve ever been spending money because I’m finally doing something that my dad hammered into my head when I was younger, and that is to always look for ways to expand my horizons,

“If you aren’t expanding your horizons than you’re not doing anything worthwhile with that magnificent thing between your ears that God gave you Dare to expand your horizons.”

In two weeks time I’m taking a giant leap into what I would call the unknown because any traveling that I’ve ever done in my life was with family and they were usually road trips to dusty, smelly racetracks in podunk towns or to a family cabin in Colorado. However, this trip, which is spring break for me I am going to be going to Chicago.

I know, I know. Why Chicago during spring break? Shouldn’t I be going to somewhere like Florida or California or somewhere that’s actually sunny and warm and not like cold and balmy? To that I say, sure I’d go to those places if I had the money to go and a place to stay, but I don’t. Instead I’m heading due north for several reasons; to get out of Missouri and get a change of environment (for once in the three years that I’ve been at school), to go to PR firms and publishing companies  in the city to put my name in their ear because I want to work in that industry after I graduate, and to broaden my horizons and soak up as many experiences as I can in the span of a week.

Ever since my dad passed away in 2010 I’ve been aggressively trying to expand my horizons in his honor. It started out with applying to and getting into my school and then by finding a perfect program that I’m excelling at and where my professors have high hopes for my future. However,  the icing on the top of this cake is my most recent travel plans from taking my first train ride to Chicago all the way to applying for a passport and going on the trip that I wrote about earlier in the year which will pack in experiences such as riding in my first plane(s), seeing the ocean and visiting several countries including meeting the president of one and all along side 25-28 of some of my favorite people.

Sometimes my anticipation for all of these wonderful experiences that are within my line of vision feel like they’re about to tear me apart because they can’t get here fast enough, but another reminder of my dad’s comes to mind when that happens and that’s too just relax and enjoy the day/s in front of you because they’re all you have.


“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” -Stephen King

Last week I got paid and I obviously decided to buy myself three new books, because ya know, they are the best things in the world and apparently how I help to heal myself when I’m feeling down-  (see them below) 

Tonight I am doing something that I haven’t done in forever, catching up on my favorite book vlogger videos/publishing company mavens that I admire oh so much; @papertimelady & @booksandquills. Earlier today I came to a sad realization while trying to get myself caught back up with my classes and that’s that I may not get to re-


ad books for pleasure for a long time, or at the very least until I graduate from college and find a stable job. That’s at least three years of not being able to read for pleasure for an uncomfortable amount of time that I’m not really okay with. Mainly because reading is my perfect escape method when life starts to throw me too many curveballs. So far I’ve only read about 10 pages in all of them because my brain has been a little scattered lately and I can’t pick a genre to save my life, but thankfully Fall break is coming up and I’m going to catch up on my sleeping, reading, any homework I may have a watching Ted Talks because those things are the best things ever, seriously. 

Tonight while adding to my ever-expanding list of “Books to Read” on Goodreads.com I decided to randomly click the covers tab to show my Read books and whoa was my night made a little bit better, because what’s better than a beautiful a

nd tangible bookshelf than a beautiful virtual bookshelf? Nothing. 

I really, really, really hope that I can get a job in the publishing industry after I graduate. I am well aware of how hard it will be to find 


one/once I get one but until then at least I have passion and drive for something that is as Stephen King said so eloquently,”…a uniquely portable magic.”



Fearless City Living


All my life I’ve dreamed of getting my degree and living in some fabulous city and having this fantastic life and meeting new people and becoming a “lady that lunches”. I blame my torrid love affair with the show Sex and the City, but now things are starting to change.

In a fit of mild desperation the other day I tweeted about how much I really wanted to attend a Blogger meetup, preferably local because I’ve never been to one and all of the ones that I do want to go to are either no longer doing it or are way too expensive for me. A fellow blogger/tweeter @heysuburban directed me towards a blogger meetup in my community, and thank goodness for the World Wide Web, because now that I have had time to do my research and check out some of the local bloggers websites my decision to hurry up and move to a big fabulous city post graduation is starting to wane.

I’ve always dreamed of living in a big, beautiful, energetic city, but I was never really aware of the crazy/beautiful things that are actually in the city that I was born and raised in, This could probably be because I’ve always lived in the burbs and never got the lady balls to drive down and around the city by myself too often. That requires a wild hair or a willing person to take the driver’s seat instead (because yes, I am scared of aggressive drivers). This could just be because I have had *wonderful* luck with vehicles in the past and I am pretty much convinced that I need to live in a city with city-wide transportation or have a life long prescription to ant-anxiety medicine. Either way, my decision to stay in Kansas City will ultimately be decided on the fact that I want to go into Public Relations in the Publishing Industry and  the Kansas City area isn’t exactly hopping in that department.

So, at the very least I’ll settle for landing amongst the stars while aiming for the moon in my future job hunting.

So far, my tentative list of future cities to live in and hopefully having a flourishing career in the Publishing industry are;


-New York City (this is an obvious one)

-San Francisco


-Omaha (this surprised me too)

I intend to keep doing further research and striving to get to where I want to be in life and be happy while there.


Get me some sunglasses, because my future looks bright! BEDA: day 3

My day has been literally electrifying. Like, I accidentally electrocuted myself this morning plugging my phone charger into the wall.

My day started off like any other; stressing about school work and a test that I had on Monday that I’m really hoping I didn’t fail because I studied for it. Among my current list of stress inducing things was my interview to be an RA last week. The e-mails were sent out this morning and I was so nervous to open it that I asked one of my professor’s and friend’s to open to take off some of the sting. Looking back now my fear was for nothing because I have been chosen as an alternate.

Today, one of my close friend’s that just recently had a beautiful baby boy brought him to the newsroom when I was in there checking my e-mail, and while I’m not the biggest fan of babies, her son was an exception. Another fun development for the summer is in the works with my friend is possibly in order, but all of that information is currently under wraps until the Public Relations firm that my friend is working with right now okays my tagging along.

As the semester comes to a close and I start compiling mountains of research for my last two papers for my Communication classes and marking up my books for the last three tests I’ve started to notice something. I’m becoming quite the perfectionist, which is a good thing and a bad thing because I don’t know if I could handle that type of pressure on myself. In the long run I think that this newly realized whatever you want to call it is going to be a good thing, especially for a PR professional.

Unsolicited and Borrowed Career Advice

Last week my Intro to Public Relations professor, @cdbond, invited a former student of his and Missouri Western alumness to come and talk to his Nonverbal Communication class to talk about working in Public Relations after graduation and everything else about the career that she felt was necessary for us to know. Her name is Lindsey Wichern, and this is just some of the useful information that I walked away with after a mere 50 minutes of enlightenment.

First, know whether or not you want to work for an agency, a firm or for a non-profit. Knowing this will help you to pick an internship easier. Also narrow down some cities that you’d like those internships to be in because if you get an internship there and the company likes you enough you may be offered full-time employment after your internship is finished.

When meeting with possible “bridges” with a lot of possible connections:

  • Bring copies of your resume with you
  • Before you leave the meeting ask “is there anyone else I should know?” and “Who else should I meet with?”
  • Be sure to leave with three more names of perspective people that you could meet with
  • Be gracious

When cold e-mailing people tell them that you are “just looking for some advice” and you may get somewhere with them.

Three important things that you should always know as a PR professional:

  • Always stay updated about what’s going on in the news
  • Be knowledgeable and do some research about the in’s and out’s of social media, including analytics and how to use comments etc.
  • KNOW HOW TO WRITE ; Press releases, news stories, tweets, etc.

Applying for big kid jobs can be  a cringe worthy time but it doesn’t have to be. Anytime you apply for a job/internship write it down, create a Word document with information about the company, when you applied, the resume that you gave them. Create multiple folders if you need to, just keep things where you can find them at a moments notice. Make sure you know your audience and tailor your resume to specific jobs. Go through the job descriptions of the jobs that you are looking for an in your tailored resume add “trigger” words that you see that you think will fit (these words may keep your resume in the company’s database longer).  When creating your resume put your education on the top, PR/job experience next and then follow with any other previous work experience (avoid high school jobs unless they are relevant).

So, thank you Lindsey for the advice and good luck out there!