Don’t Let Your Spark Go Out

Fifteen credit hours, a position on an E-board, working a part time job and scraping up some semblence of a social life can be draining. At least it has been for the first month of this school year for me.

Okay, so my schedule is probably more like cake compared to some of my friend’s and acquaintances, but in my defense I have to work harder than a lot of people that I know. School and I were never really the closest of friends but we have gotten along thus far but not without a little kicking and screaming.

But in today’s indivualistic hyper busy bee world it’s pretty damn easy to lose sight of your goal and to lose your passion. Well, don’t do that! Don’t let your goals get out of sight.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 9.12.42 PM

At the beginning of this semester I took some magazines that I’d bought over the summer and went to town and made an inspiration board of sorts.  Since the semester has continued on I’ve been adding to it and my goal is to have it entirely filled up and maybe even spread to my other door by the end of the year.

With Homecoming week approaching and projects and assignments dog-piling on top of each other by the day I’ve also taken to covering most of the surfaces in my room with lists, nevermind filling up my calender on my laptop with so many things that they’re starting to overlap.

In the meantime I’ve been brainstorming lots of ideas that I don’t yet have time to do, because I’m obviously a masochist–I have plans to catch up on my “to read” list, start actually using my Youtube channel for vlogging because I’ve been super inspired as of late by internet friends and some awesome lady vloggers that I’ve followed for years.  I’m so nervous and so excited for my projects to start coming to fruition because right now I don’t really feel like I’m getting a whole lot of things done even though I probably am and I’m probably just over thinking things because I do that alot.

What do you do to keep your drive in check?


Fearless City Living


All my life I’ve dreamed of getting my degree and living in some fabulous city and having this fantastic life and meeting new people and becoming a “lady that lunches”. I blame my torrid love affair with the show Sex and the City, but now things are starting to change.

In a fit of mild desperation the other day I tweeted about how much I really wanted to attend a Blogger meetup, preferably local because I’ve never been to one and all of the ones that I do want to go to are either no longer doing it or are way too expensive for me. A fellow blogger/tweeter @heysuburban directed me towards a blogger meetup in my community, and thank goodness for the World Wide Web, because now that I have had time to do my research and check out some of the local bloggers websites my decision to hurry up and move to a big fabulous city post graduation is starting to wane.

I’ve always dreamed of living in a big, beautiful, energetic city, but I was never really aware of the crazy/beautiful things that are actually in the city that I was born and raised in, This could probably be because I’ve always lived in the burbs and never got the lady balls to drive down and around the city by myself too often. That requires a wild hair or a willing person to take the driver’s seat instead (because yes, I am scared of aggressive drivers). This could just be because I have had *wonderful* luck with vehicles in the past and I am pretty much convinced that I need to live in a city with city-wide transportation or have a life long prescription to ant-anxiety medicine. Either way, my decision to stay in Kansas City will ultimately be decided on the fact that I want to go into Public Relations in the Publishing Industry and  the Kansas City area isn’t exactly hopping in that department.

So, at the very least I’ll settle for landing amongst the stars while aiming for the moon in my future job hunting.

So far, my tentative list of future cities to live in and hopefully having a flourishing career in the Publishing industry are;


-New York City (this is an obvious one)

-San Francisco


-Omaha (this surprised me too)

I intend to keep doing further research and striving to get to where I want to be in life and be happy while there.


Blog lovin’

You look like you need some new reading material. Allow me to give you some suggestions?

I hope you like them!

I wrote an editorial, once.

   Giving the Citizen Journalist their 15 minutes of fame

In today’s hyper- tech world, one of the fastest moving modes of communication is social media.  Websites like Twitter and Facebook and even Youtube are making information and first-hand accounts more accessible to the public, news stations and newspapers.

World-wide news providers like CNN have started to turn some viewers into reporters of life- changing events. The station has even deemed these brave civilians, “iReporters”.

With the capability of social networking websites becoming more and more attainable and with new technologies coming out every day it’s no surprise that most videos that are shown on most news channels are found on the Internet and are uploaded by individuals caught in the action.

For years now citizen journalists have been under scrutiny from professional journalists, because some are covering stories before them and sometimes even right alongside them. They may not have formal training to report on an event to the highest possible caliber that reporters do. But what if they do and they just haven’t found a job yet? What if these citizen journalists those real reporters seem to disdain so much, cover angles that a reporter had yet to even consider? What if a citizen journalist has the potential to become a real journalist, but doesn’t have the monetary means to get a formal degree.

Thanks to websites like Blottr and Wikinews, citizen journalists have actual websites besides their blogs and Twitter and Facebook to post current news in their areas. While some of their skills may not be as good as the professionals, they still have forums on the off chance their work can to be seen by possible job recruiters.

While some journalists may not like the new “norm” of what citizen journalists are becoming to the world of media and reporting, they don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.